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Tutorial : Face Routine for Oily skin in Summer time

This post will show you a very simple way to achieve a flawless and natural look in summer time. My skin type is kind of weird, it's super dry in winter but turn out to be oily in summer, extremely oily. Then keep in mind that this routine is just for one who has problems with oily skin and long lasting make-up. These methods actually helped me a lot to keep my make-up from being messy caused by oiliness for quite a long time ( approximately 4-6 hours- sorry if it's not "a long time" for you, but for my skin condition, it's "dream-amount of time" to still have make-up on). It's matte but not too powdery, as a result, it is sorts of natural and light make-up, which is the best for summer time in my opinion.

Warning : This is my bare face. You must have been scared when see it "naked". As you can see, I have tons of skin problems: many acne scars, some blemishes on the cheeks and around the nose, dark under-eye circles and uneven skin-tone. In addition, just like I told above, my skin is extremely oily in summer which always makes me meet difficulty in keeping make-up on.

Step 1 : Moisturizer
I read on some beauty magazines and they recommend oily-skin type to keep moisturizer in foundation routine. Sound really weird but I found it does make sense. Even though our skin is super oily and we sometimes thought that it is oily enough to add more any "extra-moist", we still NEED A MOISTURIZER in summer foundation routine. Skin produces oiliness, but it requires "water" at the same time. Believe it or not but I tried apply foundation with moisturizer and no moisturizer underneath, and I found that moisturizer really make my foundation go on smoother and even last longer than "no-moisturizer" routine. A good summer moisturizer should be light and absorb quickly. My fave one is Korres Yogurt Cream - it smooths out my skin and provides just "enough-moist" that my skin needs, but no greasy and not thick at all. The most perfect summer moisturizer ever.

Step 2 : Oil-control primer/base
A good oil-control primer is a MUST to keep face from oiliness, to allow foundation stick to skin better and to make the barrier between bare skin and foundation. I'm in love with Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch til death for its creamy texture (which makes the primer blend and absorb like dream) and amazing ability to control oil. I usually apply a thin layer all over my face, especially concentrate on my T-zone where supposes to be most oily.

Step 3 : Oil-free foundation with matte-finish
I have tried quite a lot foundations from high-ends to drugstore which are claimed to work with oily skin-type in summer time but not many ones really do that job. From my experience, I am satisfied with this Shu Uemura Face Architect Smoothing Fluid Foundation most. It blends easily, giving medium to full coverage (definitely can buildable and the best thing is that you never get cakey). It is the best coverage foundation that I have tried (cover pores, acne and acne scars so well). The finish is truly matte which I love for summer time, matte finish will help absorb extra oil on face, keep away from messy greasy look. My color is 564 ( for NC25-NC30).

I usually just need 2 pumps for the whole face. Firstly squeezing it out into back of my hand, then using my ring finger to warm it up a little bit and taking Quo Duo Stipple brush to stipple on my skin. Stipple brush gives me airbrush finish(which is light and natural but still get enough coverage) that I adore.

Step 4 : Concealer
I use 2 concealers : liquid one for under-eye area and cream one for blemishes and acne scars

Maybeline Mineral Powder Natural Perfecting Concealer in Cream. A liquid concealer is more suitable for under-eye concealer 'cause it blends easier and not too dry.

For blemishes and acne scars, I use MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NC20. It is creamy and cover amazingly. A bit dry but for summer time, this means that it will last much longer. I always warm it up with my finger before applying for easier blending.

Using a blending brush to blend concealer (blending brush is supposed to use for eye make-up but I find it really work for concealer too. Learn this tip from youtube guru - pixiwoo, love them :X)

Step 5 : Powder
The powder I use is Skin Food All Over Muffin Cake Finish in #2 - Choco Brown. It not only set my foundation for long lasting male-up, it also gives such a nice bronzing sheen to my face. Love that glow and healthy finish.

Initially result : no contour - hightlight - blush and other stuffs yet

Step 6 : Contour
I use Eyeko Bronzing Cream ( yep, I got a sample from my friend to try) and Elf foundation brush to apply a brown dark cream to my hollows. Love this cream, it gives me the most natural contour ever, one downside is that it fades out quite quickly. I intend to buy a full-size one when I have the chance.

Step 7 : Blush
I use Skinfood Cream Blush in #2 - it feels like mousse texture than cream, then it's really hard to blend. Not like the texture but I am in love with the color, such a perfect coral one. I told you that I have been into coral-peachy color recently, right? I am a coral girl haha. Btw, I apply this blush using a no-name small stipple brush.

Step 8: High-light
I use Eyeko 3-in-1 Cream ( yep, another sample again) as a highlighter. Using EM Flat-top Kabuki Brush to apply it to the top of my cheekbones and along my nose.

Step 9 : Eye make-up
It's pretty much done for the foundation routine. Then I normally apply my eye make-up ( in this case, simply add false lashes, black eyeliner and a bit brown color to the lids). The key for make-up in summer is "Less is More"

Step 9 : Lip
Prep and moisturize my lip using EOS lip balm. It's not sticky at all and smells really good, reminding me a lot of summer time. Love the outfit of this baby too :X

I use a peachy matte lipstick to finish the look. YSL Rouge Pur Lipstick in #144 - Silky Apricot is perfect color for summer time :X

Tada, you are done. And the final finish is....

This post is for sharing with you guys all the tips that I learned from other bloggers and Utube gurus. Hope you find this useful.

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